June 13, 2024


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Y’all don’t know how bad y’all really be breaking people, when you force them to give up on you and they REALLY LOVED YOU, that means at some point in time you crossed a line that made me have to sit down in tears and really EVALUATE, really PRAY, really sit in silence, probably lost some sleep, couldn’t eat, or think straight and make the sole decision to stop fwy, that’s a pain that can only be compared to grief, because you not even dead but you gotta be dead to me !! This goes for FAMILY , FRIENDS, RELATIONSHIPS
The BEST thing I learned this year was how to still enjoy my life during my storms!!! As long as we have life we will have problems!! It feels so good to still live and let God be God!! My entire world could be in chaos but I still smile because I hold on to God’s promises…
I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I scare myself with how quickly I bounce back into my space of peace and joy. This year, l’ve had a harder time remaining down or at a point of anger. I’ve been choosing silence instead of reacting abruptly. Refusing to allow myself to be led into a moment of regret or disappointment. I assume less and my inner dialogue somehow remains positive even when confronted with negative energy. Of course, not every day is easy but I find it easier to revert back to my normal state of peace. I genuinely wonder what has happened to me but honestly, I love it here.

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