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Tribe is an indie studio that self publishers multiple titles, which create an overall universe. But Tribe also helps other local indie comic book creators by giving them a platform to publish their work, with open access to our social platforms. 


All titles are 100% owned by their creators at all times. Tribe is capable of assisting in the creation and production of titles, but will not take any ownership in the properties. 


Tribe’s “Core” titles which are produced by Tribe itself are all part of a unified universe. Partner studios, guest books, and creators Tribe helps assist are not required to be in (and often are not part of) the shared universe. 

If you have a book idea you would like to propose to Tribe Studio Comics to publish, assist with, or you are simply looking for feedback, feel free to reach out to us on our social channels, or email contact form here. 

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About Us

Tribe Studio Comics is a local Phoenix ,Arizona comic book publisher and creator. 


Phoenix, Arizona

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