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Dustin has established himself as a prolific and versatile writer over the past decade. His work has spanned a diverse range of genres, from the gripping military inspired superhero series “Shadow Uprising” to the atmospheric supernatural drama “The Missing Half” and the poignant secret agent “Cypress” Born and raised in Arizona, Dustin’s writing is imbued with a strong sense pop cultural influences. He cites iconic authors such as Stan Lee, Tom Clancy, Dean Koontz, and Robert Jordan as key inspirations, shaping his storytelling approach and attention to detail. He aspires to continue creating captivating narratives that transport readers and cement his reputation as a writer and creative world builder in the years to come. Annoying Scott and Joe on the daily is just an added bonus.

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Powers:super strength,invulnerability,superhuman hearing,healing factor

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Alias/Alter Ego:

Kami shadow

Base of Operations:

Phoenix ,Az


Co-Owner/Writer/ Editor/






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edits, writer

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  1. bub

    Highly dedicaded to getting the job done. Skilled at all his areas that are listed . Always trying to improve to push himself to do the best at what he does.

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